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Local (on-wiki)

Local video files are displayed in a player automatically. For example, File:Dave_Matthews_Band_-_You_Me.mp4 is automatically handed over to an HTML5 video player just by linking normally to the file.

You type You get
Note: there are more options to media file linking, but this example shows the bare minimum.

Cloud (e.g. YouTube)

Video files hosted on any of the 30 supported platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, TED Talks, & can be displayed/played easily.

You type You get
{{#ev:youtube|FVztZI-OMUg|720|right|Michael Franti & Spearhead - Good to be Alive Today (Acoustic remix)|frame}}

There seems to be a weird thing going on with the link format. In order to get options like a frame and a caption, it's probably best to use the full URL ( If you don't care about the formatting of the video box, you can just use the video ID in your link.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Good to be Alive Today (Acoustic remix)


For more details on the link syntax for videos, as well as the list of supported services, see the extension page .

Finding Local Videos

You can use the Special:MIMESearch page to search for video files. If you're using the Visual Editor, then you can search right in the edit window.