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Who am I?

I'm Greg "freephile" Rundlett.

Why this website?

Wiki technology is almost as old as the web itself [1]. It's incredibly powerful. Wikipedia is a relevant example. This site serves as a showcase for some of the features and capabilities of the MediaWiki platform that powers Wikipedia.

What do I do with my time?

While online, I'm busy keeping up to date on roughly a dozen different high-profile Free Software projects from PHP to OpenOffice to the GIMP. Interests describes some of the technology, hardware and/or software-related things that occupy my time. While offline, I'm busy with my two sons or working on projects around the house and yard. I enjoy organic gardening and photography. As often as possible, I take off into the woods, trails, and mountains to enjoy the swimming, hiking and scenery of New England.


As a board member of the Coastal Trails Coalition I work to expand the trail network and also volunteer to do their technology platform. I live in Salisbury, MA


  1. (and like everything else under the sun is based on earlier works