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Businesses, groups and associations of all sizes need software to organize and run. Some applications or systems pertain to #Infrastructure, while many pertain to #Collaboration in the physical or virtual #Office environment


  1. Content Management Drupal
  2. Document Management KnowledgeTree
  3. Wiki (Knowledge Management) MediaWiki
  4. Customer Relationship Management SugarCRM


  1. Office Suites OpenOffice
  2. Project Management


  1. Web Accelerators PHP Accelerator
  2. Telephony Asterisk


Many software packages are geared primarily toward a single user (even though they may have capabilities aimed at sharing, publishing, social networking or other forms of collaborating)

  1. Photo Management Digikam
  2. Music Management Amarok
  3. Video Blogging I got a wp:Flip Video camera, and need to blog about what to do with it on Linux.